The B2 battery features a Bluetooth-enabled battery management system (BMS) compatible with Android and Apple devices for on-the-fly monitoring. Like the B1 battery, the B2 version comes with a rugged stainless steel case. The B2 battery is not only the perfect fit for your B2, but it's also a great power source for many other electrified platforms and projects.


Voltage: 72v (84v peak charge)
Amp Hours: 36ah
Connectors: Anderson discharge
Battery Leads: Anderson leads to controller
Discharge: 180a constant, 240a peak (recommended headroom tune of 150a)
BMS: Jiabaida JBD 180a constant/240a peak (Bluetooth-capable)
Charger: 5a (battery capable of accepting 20a charge current)
Weight: ~30 lbs
Size: Approx 175*170*260mm (L*W*H)