Bomb Moto LLC

Bomb Moto. Turning e-moto dreams into reality.

A Bomb Moto chassis is an easy, affordable and fun way to build your own electric dirt bike. Bomb Moto offers high-quality, proven rolling chassis and battery options to build your own e-moto easily and affordably. Just add a controller/throttle and hit the trails!

Bomb Moto partners with quality, experienced manufacturers and suppliers and constantly tests and refines our products to ensure the customer gets the very best bike for their dollar.

the perfect platform for customization.

In the electrified moto world, everyone's motivations are unique. Budget, speed, range... you name it. That's why the e-modding craze has exploded in recent years.

A Bomb Moto rolling chassis is a platform worthy of your build. It fills the gap between buying a used e-moto and overpaying for a new ride that you're going to modify anyway. It's open-source, non-proprietary and ready for aftermarket parts and kits.


Bomb Moto's rolling chassis/motor combos are sized like gas-powered "pit bikes." With two models to choose from, riders can opt for the smaller and more affordable B1 (sized like a 110 trail bike) or the upsized B2 (similar to a 125 trial bike or 85 MX).

Our electric motors provide quiet, robust performance - perfect for stealth rides on your local trails or evening laps on the backyard mini MX track!

Why Electric?

Ride where you can't ride a noisy gas bike - and keep the neighbors happy.

Who Is Bomb Moto?

Bomb Moto is a small group of moto enthusiasts based in California.

Ships Within the USA

Bomb Moto ships direct to customer from within the US.


We keep costs and margins low so you can get out there & have fun.