Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Bomb Moto.

Common Questions

What is the top speed of B1 or B2 chassis & motor?

Top speed is dependent on your setup, rider and riding conditions. Frankly, torque and climb are the general focus of these dirt bikes. We recommend a maximum 45 mph max on the B1 with a 70A tune; the B2 can reach 60+ mph with a 125A tune.

What is the range of the B1 and B2 chassis & motor?

This mostly depends on the battery you use, as well as the tune, rider and riding conditions.

Our B1 and B2 batteries generally have a range of 20+ miles under moderate trail riding conditions.

Where are your bikes made?

Like most e-bikes and e-motos, our bikes are built in China. However, Bomb Moto is a California-based business. We have our hands directly involved in the production, componentry, design, development and improvement of our bikes.

If a dirt bike provider claims their bike or even parts are from the US, you have reason to doubt it!

Are these bikes street legal?

Probably not where you live. Bomb Moto models are dirt bikes, designed for off-road use only. Go find some trails and get dirty!

I'm an influencer. Can I have a free bike?

Marketing costs money. At Bomb Moto, we try to let the product speak for itself and rely on the community to spread the word.

We don't have a big budget for paying influencers, giving away dozens of bikes or running a massive ad campaign - at least, for now. We are a group of enthusiasts that protect pricing for DIY/hobbyists and youth. By keeping these costs low, we can keep the customer cost down.

If you are a customer, post your pics and tag us on social! We'll happily share your content!

Why don't you sell complete bikes? Will you sell complete models in the future?

At this time, we are catering to the DIY community by offering low-cost platforms for building custom e-motos. One of the main reasons we started Bomb Moto was to give the community an e-moto option that doesn't cost $5K.

We may sell complete models in the future. At this time, we are focused on supporting the DIY community and helping e-moto enthusiasts build and ride affordably.

Do you sell internationally/outside the US?

Not at this time. We are actively looking for like-minded, reputable business partners to support the sales of our products worldwide. If that's you, contact us as

I'm buying a Bomb Moto rolling chassis & motor. What else do I need in order to start riding?

You'll need a battery (we sell these!), a controller and throttle. Many controllers and throttles are sold together in a kit - see our resource page for community oriented kit sellers.

After that, you get the satisfaction of assembling your bike and hitting the trails on something you built and tailored to your liking.


Why don't you sell every single replacement nut and bolt on your Parts page?

We generally don't carry common bolts, washers, bearings or other items that can be easily purchased elsewhere. If we carry it, it's because it's harder to get, or we bring value to the customer by selling it at a reasonable price.

What controller to you recommend for B1 or B2?

We leave this decision to the customer. The most popular controller for the B1 is the Fardriver 72300 with a 70a tune.

The most common controller for the B2 will most likely be the Fardriver 72680 with a 125a tune.

VESC Project is a newcomer in the controller world that looks promising. It's new and somewhat expensive, so most builders choose Fardriver.

What battery do you recommend for the B1 & B2?

We recommend our battery, of course! Our B1 and B2 batteries are the best value in the market for their spec. Both batteries were designed for Bomb Moto's models and offer great value, size, fitment, performance and range.

Why don't you carry controllers or kits?

Currently, the aftermarket has a healthy offering of controllers and kits from different manufacturers. If we feel the market isn't serving our products and customers well in the future, we will reconsider.

Why don't you sell other components and upgrades?

Simply put, we are the chassis of choice for DIY e-moto builds. We will focus on what we do, and carry some uncommon parts to support our products.

We fully support small businesses, and have provided an ongoing list of suppliers on our resources page that are proven, honest and of value to the community.


How soon will I get my bike after I place an order?

We generally ship within 2 business days. Shipping time in the lower 48 states is generally 1-3 business days. In situations where we are releasing something new or enhanced, we will send an emailed expectation of timing of delivery.

It says product is out of stock. When will you restock?

While we try to keep inventory, it sells. When we release a new product or enhance one, there is a pause in production and it takes time to catch up. Rest assured, inventory is alway in production - follow us on socials and website for product news. Same for parts, we will actively try to keep inventory up. We're doing our best and will improve our product availability as we grow.


Do your products come with a warranty?

We offer a limited, 3-month warranty on the B1 and B2 chassis, and 6-month warranty on B1 and B2 batteries. This warranty protects the customer from manufacturer defects and damaged or missing items. View our Warranty page (coming soon) for complete information.

What isn't covered under warranty?

Common wear items like chains, tires, tubes, grips