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The Bomb Moto B1 rolling chassis is an affordable eMoto solution for the DIY enthusiast. Add a battery, controller, throttle... and go!

At $999 USD , the B1 is your gateway to electric off-roading. Learn more about this exciting electric dirt bike below!

ORDER TODAY for late Aug/early Sept delivery!

NEW Product Upgrades

New 1,000 lb rear shock #35 chain and sprockets New, taller aluminum handlebar with cross bar Upgraded master brake cylinder Strengthening welds to seat and swingarm Standard rim locks Blacked-out triple clamp & riser Improved number plate mount Improved fasteners



• An affordable DIY electric dirt bike platform
• Mid-drive motor (recommended 5kW peak power)
45 mph recommended top speed
• High-performance moto brakes w/ergonomic levers
Ships from a US company in California
• Just add battery, controller/cable... and go!
Bomb Moto battery available

Tested & Proven

The B1 has been aggressively tested in real-world conditions, resulting in dozens of enhancements to the latest model. Enjoy peace of mind from hundreds of hours of R&D in the Bomb lab.

Your Platform for Customization

Bomb Moto puts creativity in the customer's hands. Add your preferred battery, controller and throttle to build a custom e-moto bike - for much less than buying a complete bike!


Sized similar to a 110 cc trail bike, the B1 chassis has a 28-inch seat height and 2-inch lowered footpegs for increased legroom.It's a great fit for youth, newer riders and adults seeking a fun DIY pit bike project.



BLDC electric motor

Rated Power: 2kw @ 60v

Peak Power: ~5kw with stock gearing & 70a constant tune recommended

Efficiency: 88-90%

Top speed: ~45mph w/ 70a output tune, depending on rider/ride

RPM: 2,500 (recommend 5,000 rpm tune)

Front sprocket: 10-tooth, for #35 chain

Torque bias SMD magnet placement

Heavy gauge motor phase wires

Thermic Probe: KTY82/122 included

Stator: ~80mm

Built-in heat sink included

Thick 17mm spline, Double D

Chassis & Components

Frame: Steel
Swingarm: Steel
Triple clamp: Forged w/riser
Front Suspension: Inverted, hydraulic aluminum 42mm fork
Rear Suspension: Adjustable rear shock, adjustable for preload & damping), 51mm travel, 1,000 lb rating
Wheels: 14" front/12" rear wheels w/ pneumatic off-road tires
Brakes: True hydraulic moto brakes, 175mm single-disc front/rear, handlebar-mounted, ergonomic levers, long brake lines for taller handlebars
Max rider weight: 200 lbs
Footpeg mounts: lowered 2"
Bodywork: Durable plastics w/Bomb Moto graphics
Chain/Sprockets: #35 - 2,300 lbs rating, sprockets 10/62 (new)
Battery tray: Flat tray w/multiple strap connections
Storage: Under-seat options for smaller controllers (i.e. Flipsky)


Seat Height: 28"
Wheelbase: 41"
Handlebar: 25" wide
Ground Clearance: 12"
Chain: #35, rated >2,300 lbs tensile strength.
Gearing: 10/62 front/rear sprockets (6.2:1)

Throttle/grips/battery/controller not included