Our Story

Raised on dirt bikes and reborn during the pandemic, we created Bomb Moto as a custom e-moto company in Southern California. We believe there's nothing better than blasting through trails with friends, especially on a bike you have a connection with.

Bomb Moto was created to blow a hole in the current method of modding bikes. We heard you. Now - finally - you can get a brand new, quality chassis to finish an electric moto the way you want.

Riders Spoke. We listened.

For years, people have wanted this: a chassis on which to build, worthy of the upgrade. An alternative to buying and modding a used bike. Something that is open-source, non-proprietary, and allows you to add the components you want. Riders spoke; we listened.

In the electrified moto world, everyone's motivations are unique. Budget, speed, range... you name it. That's why "modding" e-motos is so popular. Bomb Moto's rolling chassis fill the gap between having to mod a used bike and overpaying for a new bike you still have to modify.

Built Tough. Priced Right.

Quality and reliability are paramount to our team at Bomb Moto, which is why we offer not just an e-moto chassis, but one superior to others in the class. After all, you don't want a bike that isn't designed to absolutely rip!

With a Bomb Moto chassis, you're buying a platform for building YOUR bike to YOUR vision. Start with our quality, affordable chassis and add the components YOU want - without wasting time and money.

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