Where can I get a battery or a controller?

Currently, we sell a quality battery option here, otherwise visit Resource section for solid options. Kits always recommended if you are less experienced modding.

How do I install the battery and controller?

Easiest: Get a kit and follow the directions provided by kit seller and use B1 battery that comes complete with charger and connectors.

DIY: Batteries generally come with two connectors, the charge port and the power. Connectors differ by battery or could be changed. Similarly, controllers can differ. At it's most basic function, the controller needs to connect to your throttle, the motor hall sensor and phase wires of the motor as well as connected to battery. Depending on your controller, adapters, plugs and wiring may need to be adjusted. There are hundreds of mod videos online or likely a local resource should you need help. We will also repost helpful how-to videos we believe would help. There was also a FB group created by others called BombMoto that will undoubtably give helpful advice and new ideas.

Why not a complete bike?

A complete bike would be much more costly and likely not exactly what you would want. Our approach is to offer a quality start at a low cost.

Wait, I can't do this?

Actually, you can. Its really about initially assembling the bike out of the box and then the battery, controller and throttle. Easiest way are plug and play kits if you are less experienced. Have a friend join and have a shared pride in building something.

Why not mod a used bike?

If you are investing hundreds or thousands into an upgrade, why not new? A used bike has an untold story, why chance it? Plus, this is a larger chassis than most at an affordable price. Why wait to find out about that "thing" the seller didn't mention...

Why Bomb Moto over another electric dirt bike option?

Currently, no other brand does rolling chassis and complete bike options are $$$

Why Bomb Moto over a combustion bike?

We love and fully support traditional gas bikes.  We have them too!  With the ease of maintenance, charging, lower weight and a lower cost point than comparable gas bike, electic is an awesome option.  Heck, do both!

How much power and range?

Power and range are dependent on your selection of battery, controller, parameters, riding style, terrain and rider weight among other factors.  The provided motor is extremely capable. A 45mph tune (72v at 70a) is within warranty. Join the FB group for BombMoto and see what the community is doing with their bikes!

Do I have to use your battery?

No. While our battery's have performance, fitment and connector benefits, we know customers may wish to build their own or have already invested in batteries that may be suitable to our chassis's/motors. Go for it. Please see compartment size information we provided or join Bomb Moto facebook group and ask other owners.

What else to upgrade?

Nothing or everything.  Email us your builds and we may post them to our social media!

Is there a warranty?

The chassis, motor, brake structure and batteries are covered for 3 months. Break pads and grips are not covered. Please see warranty section for more info.

Replacement Parts?

Yes, for existing customers and for our chassis. If you are looking for parts for other builds, we encourage you to search numerous online sites available.

Are there other products Bomb Moto offers?

Yes. While we don't aspire to be a component/upgrade source, we will have other chassis in the future and potentially fully built options. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe for emails updates on this website to hear about what comes next!